My Favourite Dog Friendly Cafes in Perth!

When I was travelling Europe with my family as a young teenager, I noticed that there were so many places people were allowed to bring their dogs. Whether it be shopping centres or airports, they were welcome there! It made me very jealous of the European lifestyle even more than I already was. I found myself asking “why cant it be like this in Perth?” so many people love their dogs and taking them everywhere here so why not?
It seems that Australia has its own reasons for it but for now I will turn this post from a negative to a positive… the places you CAN take your dog with you!

1. Paper Avenue Cafe, Joondalup. 
I love this cafe and I go there often for breakfast some weekends with my partner. We noticed more people were bringing their dogs when they sit outside. It has beautiful decor with a light fresh feel and amazing food! I recommend trying the pancakes by the way…they are do die for!(for humans not for dogs!)  It is definitely in my top cafes in Perth!

2. Dome Cafes (Many locations in Perth)
You probably all know this one but i thought I would add it to the post as there is many around Perth no matter where you live there is sure to be one near you somewhere!
Dome staff are always friendly and welcoming to dogs in all my experiences there. I used to run my side business doing dog walking and doggy day out which included taking busy owners dog out while they are at work and I would take them to a local dome cafe, it was lovely, a specious environment a good food choice!

3. Blue Vue Cafe, Quinns Beach
Another great cafe right on the beach that my partner and I take our dog Buster, they really love dogs and cater to them so well. They even went to the detail of making a decorated dog lead holder near the outside tables for customers to tie their dogs! I love this when I seen it recently. There has also been times I have gone into the cafe and they are selling some dog treats to on the shelve near the checkout.
It is a great location to stop with your dog after your morning walk along the beach.

4. Burns Beach Cafe 
A great cafe similar to Blue Vue when it comes to a great beach location and a great morning walk coffee stop! All dogs are welcome in the outside areas and the staff are friendly and welcoming to pets in my experiences.
I love sitting here with my pooch having a warm drink and listening to the sound of the ocean…ahh bliss!

5. Voyage Cafe, West Coast Highway
I am sure many of you Perth foodies know this one, and if you don’t then…WHAT! It already very very very popular due to amazing food, coffee and its coastal location.
they have many tables outside that are specious to bring your dog and have a nice cuppa. I do love their Chai Lattes, try one if you go!

I hope you enjoy these cafes, you should make a commitment to go to one of them each weekend to tick off your own pet friendly cafe list! Let me know of any cafes you love and I will be sure to try them out.

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The Super Tea to Help Dogs Anxiety!

You are probably wondering…what in the world I am talking about, tea for dogs? really? Yes really! Obviously not all teas are ok for dogs but the tea I am talking about is Chamomile tea.

This gentle and soothing tea can be used for a couple remedies for our furry little friends, and best of all it doesn’t have a strong taste to deter dogs away. The best ways chamomile tea can help your dog is
– A upset stomach
– Anxiety Issues

It is amazing the feedback I have had when I have recommended friends and family to try this with their dogs, especially for anxiety or nervous habits.

Chamomile has great calming benefits, it was even used back in the roman times for its great calming effects. It is a herb/flower picked in its early stages of growing to enhance its great benefits, even for humans!
The best way you can give this to your dog is:

– Use organic tea bags or loose leaf chamomile and brew it in only a small amount of hot water to help bring out the potency of the tea. Once brewed for about 3-5 minutes, pour the chamomile tea water into your dogs regular drinking bowel and mix with cold water. Hide or throw our the tea bag or leaf as you dont want your dog seeing this floating in his water…this will put him off!

– If your dog is not wanting to cooperate and drink this by himself, then another great way is to use a syringe method and feed it to him/her directly to ensure they are getting the benefits.

Try this often to see if it makes any improvements in your dogs health and behaviour. All dogs are different and some may need more intense remedies for anxiety issues, however this is always worth a try! Please speak with your vet if your dog has any existing conditions where chamomile may irritate or interact with medications.

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Why Is My Dog Itching?

Itch itch and a scratch scratch, we see our dogs do all kinds of yoga positions to give their ear a scratch with their back leg – or perhaps the biting type of itch?

Like anything, too much too often is not normal – but why? Why is your doggo having a scratch every few minutes and looking irritated? There could be a few reasons why so I have put together a list below:

1. Allergies to food can be a big one for this, not only do humans have allergies but dogs do to. Many foods we give our dogs can be a trigger so its all about the trial and elimination game! The common foods that can trigger itching related allergies in dogs are: Some red meats, Wheat, and Preservatives in dry or wet dog food brands. Like i said these are the most common however it could be many rare ingredients that could be irritating your dog.

2. Outdoor plants and pesticides can also be another trigger! Many parks that are maintained in your local suburbs have pesticides sprayed on the grass and plants. If your dog is playing or laying frequently on this then perhaps this is another reason he/she could be itching like crazy! Pesticides are not exactly gentle so its something to keep in mind next time your at the park.
What you could do as an alternative is take your dogs to dog beaches instead or if you have a backyard with grass, try not to use pesticides on the grass if possible. Look into natural grass health growers if need be.

3. Overlicking from anxiety, this can be quite a common one! Some dogs have anxious habits perhaps when left alone at home or when they hear loud noises. This can trigger them to build op habits of either chewing on household items, trying to hide in small spaces and licking parts of their body…and they do not stop!

If this is the reason for your dogs itching I would recommend natural remedies to get to the root of the problem. If your dog is anxious chamomile tea in their drinking water can help great! I will be writing an article on this soon so stay tuned.

If there is anything else you could do to minimize your dogs anxiety when your not home then some great ways are: leaving the radio on for comforting noise, toys that are stimulating for them and treats that take a while to consume to keep them busy.

Stay tuned for more information on the anxiety remedies as I will be coming to you soon with a great article on that!

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How To Get Your Dog Healthy Again…

Nothing saddens us more than seeing our loved furry friends starting to face old age health problems, like us really, we show signs of more problems in our bodies as we age to. But how can we help our pets to not suffer as badly?
Well I believe in the all natural approach to this as medication for certain problems only cause more problems in other organs and body parts in dogs, oh and in humans!
Below I am going to list a few great tips and ingredients that can help your dogs health improve and maintain good health, stay with me you will find this very helpful.

1. Turmeric is amazing for dogs who show signs of any inflammatory in their organs or arthritis in their body. The vet will be able to confirm any conditions your dog may have so double check first. Adding a teaspoon of Turmeric to your dogs meal prepped meals for the week and stirring through can really help the dogs body to fight any inflammation and maintain healthier joints.

2. Olive Oil is beneficial to dogs like it is to us, it helps their digestive system stay regular, lubricate their intestines and helps the dog to add and maintain omegas in their body that they may lack in everyday dry dog foods.

3. Coconut Oil, another super oil like olive oil. These do very similar things in the dogs body to help with overall health and a healthy coat, as well as good digestion. just be sure to never give your dog too much coconut oil on a daily basis as it can work in reverse and perhaps upset their stomach.

4. White Rice is great when dogs have digestive issues or upset stomachs so it is definitely one of my main go-tos for our rescue dog Buster! He has it everyday mixed in with salmon and vegetables.

5. Mint leaves are a great way of helping your dog to maintain good dental health and fresh breath! As dogs get older we see their teeth health can go a little downhill, so along with the right natural chews for strong teeth try fresh mint!

Now that you know a few basic superfoods, I hope you find good use of these ingredients in your dogs diet! Contact me if you have any further questions or blog requests.

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