How To Get Your Dog Healthy Again…

Nothing saddens us more than seeing our loved furry friends starting to face old age health problems, like us really, we show signs of more problems in our bodies as we age to. But how can we help our pets to not suffer as badly?
Well I believe in the all natural approach to this as medication for certain problems only cause more problems in other organs and body parts in dogs, oh and in humans!
Below I am going to list a few great tips and ingredients that can help your dogs health improve and maintain good health, stay with me you will find this very helpful.

1. Turmeric is amazing for dogs who show signs of any inflammatory in their organs or arthritis in their body. The vet will be able to confirm any conditions your dog may have so double check first. Adding a teaspoon of Turmeric to your dogs meal prepped meals for the week and stirring through can really help the dogs body to fight any inflammation and maintain healthier joints.

2. Olive Oil is beneficial to dogs like it is to us, it helps their digestive system stay regular, lubricate their intestines and helps the dog to add and maintain omegas in their body that they may lack in everyday dry dog foods.

3. Coconut Oil, another super oil like olive oil. These do very similar things in the dogs body to help with overall health and a healthy coat, as well as good digestion. just be sure to never give your dog too much coconut oil on a daily basis as it can work in reverse and perhaps upset their stomach.

4. White Rice is great when dogs have digestive issues or upset stomachs so it is definitely one of my main go-tos for our rescue dog Buster! He has it everyday mixed in with salmon and vegetables.

5. Mint leaves are a great way of helping your dog to maintain good dental health and fresh breath! As dogs get older we see their teeth health can go a little downhill, so along with the right natural chews for strong teeth try fresh mint!

Now that you know a few basic superfoods, I hope you find good use of these ingredients in your dogs diet! Contact me if you have any further questions or blog requests.

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