Why Is My Dog Itching?

Itch itch and a scratch scratch, we see our dogs do all kinds of yoga positions to give their ear a scratch with their back leg – or perhaps the biting type of itch?

Like anything, too much too often is not normal – but why? Why is your doggo having a scratch every few minutes and looking irritated? There could be a few reasons why so I have put together a list below:

1. Allergies to food can be a big one for this, not only do humans have allergies but dogs do to. Many foods we give our dogs can be a trigger so its all about the trial and elimination game! The common foods that can trigger itching related allergies in dogs are: Some red meats, Wheat, and Preservatives in dry or wet dog food brands. Like i said these are the most common however it could be many rare ingredients that could be irritating your dog.

2. Outdoor plants and pesticides can also be another trigger! Many parks that are maintained in your local suburbs have pesticides sprayed on the grass and plants. If your dog is playing or laying frequently on this then perhaps this is another reason he/she could be itching like crazy! Pesticides are not exactly gentle so its something to keep in mind next time your at the park.
What you could do as an alternative is take your dogs to dog beaches instead or if you have a backyard with grass, try not to use pesticides on the grass if possible. Look into natural grass health growers if need be.

3. Overlicking from anxiety, this can be quite a common one! Some dogs have anxious habits perhaps when left alone at home or when they hear loud noises. This can trigger them to build op habits of either chewing on household items, trying to hide in small spaces and licking parts of their body…and they do not stop!

If this is the reason for your dogs itching I would recommend natural remedies to get to the root of the problem. If your dog is anxious chamomile tea in their drinking water can help great! I will be writing an article on this soon so stay tuned.

If there is anything else you could do to minimize your dogs anxiety when your not home then some great ways are: leaving the radio on for comforting noise, toys that are stimulating for them and treats that take a while to consume to keep them busy.

Stay tuned for more information on the anxiety remedies as I will be coming to you soon with a great article on that!

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