The Super Tea to Help Dogs Anxiety!

You are probably wondering…what in the world I am talking about, tea for dogs? really? Yes really! Obviously not all teas are ok for dogs but the tea I am talking about is Chamomile tea.

This gentle and soothing tea can be used for a couple remedies for our furry little friends, and best of all it doesn’t have a strong taste to deter dogs away. The best ways chamomile tea can help your dog is
– A upset stomach
– Anxiety Issues

It is amazing the feedback I have had when I have recommended friends and family to try this with their dogs, especially for anxiety or nervous habits.

Chamomile has great calming benefits, it was even used back in the roman times for its great calming effects. It is a herb/flower picked in its early stages of growing to enhance its great benefits, even for humans!
The best way you can give this to your dog is:

– Use organic tea bags or loose leaf chamomile and brew it in only a small amount of hot water to help bring out the potency of the tea. Once brewed for about 3-5 minutes, pour the chamomile tea water into your dogs regular drinking bowel and mix with cold water. Hide or throw our the tea bag or leaf as you dont want your dog seeing this floating in his water…this will put him off!

– If your dog is not wanting to cooperate and drink this by himself, then another great way is to use a syringe method and feed it to him/her directly to ensure they are getting the benefits.

Try this often to see if it makes any improvements in your dogs health and behaviour. All dogs are different and some may need more intense remedies for anxiety issues, however this is always worth a try! Please speak with your vet if your dog has any existing conditions where chamomile may irritate or interact with medications.

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