My Favourite Dog Friendly Cafes in Perth!

When I was travelling Europe with my family as a young teenager, I noticed that there were so many places people were allowed to bring their dogs. Whether it be shopping centres or airports, they were welcome there! It made me very jealous of the European lifestyle even more than I already was. I found myself asking “why cant it be like this in Perth?” so many people love their dogs and taking them everywhere here so why not?
It seems that Australia has its own reasons for it but for now I will turn this post from a negative to a positive… the places you CAN take your dog with you!

1. Paper Avenue Cafe, Joondalup. 
I love this cafe and I go there often for breakfast some weekends with my partner. We noticed more people were bringing their dogs when they sit outside. It has beautiful decor with a light fresh feel and amazing food! I recommend trying the pancakes by the way…they are do die for!(for humans not for dogs!)  It is definitely in my top cafes in Perth!

2. Dome Cafes (Many locations in Perth)
You probably all know this one but i thought I would add it to the post as there is many around Perth no matter where you live there is sure to be one near you somewhere!
Dome staff are always friendly and welcoming to dogs in all my experiences there. I used to run my side business doing dog walking and doggy day out which included taking busy owners dog out while they are at work and I would take them to a local dome cafe, it was lovely, a specious environment a good food choice!

3. Blue Vue Cafe, Quinns Beach
Another great cafe right on the beach that my partner and I take our dog Buster, they really love dogs and cater to them so well. They even went to the detail of making a decorated dog lead holder near the outside tables for customers to tie their dogs! I love this when I seen it recently. There has also been times I have gone into the cafe and they are selling some dog treats to on the shelve near the checkout.
It is a great location to stop with your dog after your morning walk along the beach.

4. Burns Beach Cafe 
A great cafe similar to Blue Vue when it comes to a great beach location and a great morning walk coffee stop! All dogs are welcome in the outside areas and the staff are friendly and welcoming to pets in my experiences.
I love sitting here with my pooch having a warm drink and listening to the sound of the ocean…ahh bliss!

5. Voyage Cafe, West Coast Highway
I am sure many of you Perth foodies know this one, and if you don’t then…WHAT! It already very very very popular due to amazing food, coffee and its coastal location.
they have many tables outside that are specious to bring your dog and have a nice cuppa. I do love their Chai Lattes, try one if you go!

I hope you enjoy these cafes, you should make a commitment to go to one of them each weekend to tick off your own pet friendly cafe list! Let me know of any cafes you love and I will be sure to try them out.

The Doggie Jar