3 Foods For A Fussy Dog

I am quite sure at some point all of us dog owners have been frustrated when we buy or make some delicious food for our dogs full of nutrients, and then we put it down in front of them and they do not even attempt to eat it. So what could we possibly try next? I have put together 3 best foods (that have worked with my dogs) that most dogs find delicious, not only that but these foods are very good for them to!

1. Olive Oil
Adding a drizzle of olive oil over my dogs food seems to always make him devour it much faster than if it wasn’t there. Sometimes I have to slow him down from eating so fast as dogs can bring it back up again if eaten too quickly. I am not even quite sure what it must be about the olive oil but it seems to work, and best of all it is great for their digestion and their coat. Try it!

2. Coconut Oil
Ok this is very similar to the whole olive oil thing, however do not add to much – only half a teaspoon per day is enough. Coconut oil is amazing for us and our furry friends with many benefits from the inside out!

3. A Smashed Treat!
This one is quite a sneaky trick I have used a fair few times! What ever their favourite treat may be, try crushing it up and adding it as a garnish on top of their food. This may not work for all dogs however I am speaking from my own experience with many dogs and friends dogs. It is certainly worth a try!

If you have any tips that you would like to share that work, please let me know!

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